Influencer Interview: An Architect, Design Lover and Spanish Traveller.

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Patricia aka @oneoceanaway_ is an enthusiastic traveller and designer. She’s originally from Spain and has lived in five different countries: Spain, Sweden, Australia, Germany and currently in Singapore. 

As a designer, she takes special care of details and tries to explore undiscovered ways to express me and the things that surround me. 

Together with her husband, Michael, they both want to inspire and motivate people from all around the globe to travel and discover new places as well as new cultures.

We had the pleasure of asking her a few questions, and an interview with interesting ideas came out:

What’s your favorite place so far? 

It is difficult to choose only one. I would say my top 4 are Iceland, Oman, Namibia, and India.

Credit: Patricia

What place is the top of your bucket list?

Morocco is currently on the top.

What can’t you travel without? 

My camera!

Credit: Patricia

Do you prefer solo travel or with someone else? 

I have done both. I enjoyed a lot of solo travel while I was single, but right now I prefer to travel with my husband. We get along very well and it is a great feeling to share all these moments.

Credit: Patricia

What has been the most interesting item of food you’ve tasted? 

Many items that go in a hot pot like chicken feet, blood cubes…

If you could only ever eat rice or potatoes, which would you pick? 

Potatoes, you can prepare them in different ways.

How many countries have you visited? 

I have visited 48 countries so far.

Credit: Patricia

Fan or air conditioning? 

Air conditioning keeps mosquitoes away.

What was the last book you read? 

La Templanza

Who is your dream travel companion? 

My husband describes that perfectly! Adventurous, easy going and early bird.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Emphatic, achiever and animal lover.

Credit: Patricia

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Influencer Interview: An Architect, Design Lover and Spanish Traveller.