Where to travel without Quarantine

Where to travel without Quarantine

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Covid is still with us almost two years down the line and let’s not lie it is quite annoying. We all miss the times when our main worry when planning a vacation was getting a visa. Now we have to go through a list of requirements to meet and mini panic attack on how you’ll keep you and your family safe, a covid test before your travel among many other annoying covid related restrictions. The most annoying part is booking a trip and having it cancelled when your destination country locks down. Don’t worry about that part now. Your knight in shining armor is here. Here are some places to travel without quarantine (with a few restrictions and rules obviously).

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The beautiful cradle of western civilization is always a destination unlike any other. Greece boasts a number of beautiful sites like ancient ruins, museums, temples and breathtaking beaches and views. Greece is allowing international arrivals without the need to quarantine as long as you are fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine. 14 days also need to have elapsed from the date of your final jab. You also need to show a negative PCR test issued within 72 hours before travel.


Iceland is always a perfect destination for a chilled European escapade. You don’t have to worry about being in a crowd and worrying about a possible infection (though you should still take care). You get to enjoy the tranquility as you explore the countries, fjords, drive the golden circle and observe the northern lights among other activities. Iceland allows all vaccinated travelers with a negative PCR test(also 72 hours old). You should also pre-register before arriving in Iceland and confirm your day of departure.


Switzerland is hand-down a breathtakingly beautiful destination. The panoramic views, pristine lakes, grand forests, charming cities and villages. These are just a few. Let’s not forget the alps and Jura mountain. Everything is just good in Switzerland especially when you add the cheese, wine and also chocolate to keep your warm and cozy. All travelers must fill an entry for prior to their visit. Vaccinated people and those who’ve recovered from Covid are allowed to enter the country without quarantine. Those who have been in a country with increased risk infection are subjected to show their negative PCR test(72 hours old) and a mandatory quarantine. 


Dubai is the place to visit if you are looking for a luxurious holiday. It is packed with a long list of fine spas, luxury hotels, designer stores, Michelin starred restaurants and some alluring night life. Dubai appeals to all kinds of people. From foodies, shoppers to adrenaline junkies who like jumping out of stuff. The panoramic views from the skyscrapers such as the Burj Khalifa are breathtakingly beautiful. Just like the other countries, you will be required to be vaccinated and to hold a negative PCR test.


Filled with beautiful chapels, green hills, turquoise lagoons and lively resorts among other breathtaking sites. Turkey is open to travelers from most countries. Although tourists from Brazil, South Africa, Nepal, Bangladesh or India have to prove they have been administered any of the approved vaccines or be subjected to a mandatory quarantine. Just like the other countries, travelers must fill an entry form at least four days before their travel.

There’s lots of other countries to visit without quarantine. They include Spain, Portugal, Thailand and Croatia. Most of them have the same requirements such as being vaccinated and a negative PCR test. It’s still advisable to check for any updates before your travel to avoid disappointments.

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Where to travel without Quarantine