What to do if you have a holiday or flight booked

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With a large majority of governments grounding flights and advising against non essential travel, that has left holiday makers and frequent flyers up in the air (no pun intended) with millions of people around the world not knowing what to do about their pre-booked trips. The European Commission are currently encouraging consumers to accept credit notes with the potential to to seek a refund at a later date or alternatively redeem another trip post Coronavirus. 

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Many travel agents and tour operators are favouring this model and allowing customers to push back travel dates well into the summer months however this does mean travellers would be wavering their right to a refund in future if the trip is then cancelled at a later date.

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Airlines that have cancelled flights have been advised by the European Union on ‘Air Passenger Rights’ that they must provide passengers with a full cash refund within 7 days. What does this mean for you? well this will only apply once the flight date and departure time has passed or if you receive a cancellation email from the airlines. With that being said be prepared to spend a few hours in the telephone ques to get that refund, as you are definitely not the only passenger in that boat.

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What to do if you have a holiday or flight booked