Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Time To Travel To The Netherlands

Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Time To Travel To The Netherlands

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Known for a flat landscape of canals, tulip fields, windmills and cycling routes, The Netherlands is easily one of every traveler’s favorite countries in Europe.  The country experiences all four seasons, with warm sunny summers and chilly winters marked with rainfall. To help you figure out the best time to travel to The Netherlands, Kiki, the woman behind @theblondeabroad organized a guide that will make choosing the best time to travel to the Netherlands a little bit easier!

April to May

The beginning of April can be met with a rollercoaster ride of temps. This is the perfect time for King’s Day—a public holiday held on the 27th. The locals celebrate with music festivals, canal parades, and fabulous open-air markets.
Come May, the crowds begin to roll in as the weather continues to warm up and summer approaches. Though crowds aren’t a huge issue at this time, popular sites such as the Van Gogh Museum fill up quickly. Luckily there are many spots off the beaten path that are rarely busy and still allow you to get the full Netherlands experience.

June to August

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If you’re looking for never-ending days, summer in the Netherlands is for you. With the sun not setting until around 10 pm, the days seem to last forever. This is the perfect time to visit the country’s golden beaches. If you still want to experience the Netherlands in the summer but don’t want big crowds, cities such as Rotterdam, Utrecht, and Hague are noticeably less busy than Amsterdam.

August is the time for festivals. Starting with Pride in Amsterdam, there’s also Lowlands (a popular music festival) in Flevoland and Into the Great Wide Open, an alternative art and music festival held on Vlieland Island.

September to October

Fall is arguably one of the best times to visit the Netherlands. Even though the summer has officially ended, there are still plenty of events going on. For example, in Zundert, a world-renowned flower parade is held. Floats shaped like animals, mythological creatures, and human figures are made of thousands of flowers. Later on, in September, Dam to Damloop, a 10-mile road race in Amsterdam is held, attracting thousands of athletes.

Music lovers can get their fix at one of the world’s largest EDM festivals, Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) in October. Venues throughout the city also host club nights, pop-up DJ sessions, and more.


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Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Time To Travel To The Netherlands