Top 10 Places To Visit In Komodo National Park

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Are you going to plan your visit to one of the world’s most beautiful and uncontaminated parks? Are you looking for places/activities you don’t want absolutely to miss? This is the right article for you!

Credit: Luke and Martina

During our stay in Labuan Bajo and our sail trip, we saved all the info and we draw up top ten list on about what we preferred the most:

Padar Island, known for its superb view once climbed the main hill, here you will see three different sandy beaches; white, black and pink; find your ideal place and take a wonderful shot with all three of them at the same time, you will love it.

Credit: Luke and Martina

Pantai Merah, the pink beach close to Padar Island; one of the brightest waters I have ever seen, pure snorkeling heaven, and the sand color is just incredible.

Credit: Luke and Martina

Rinca Island, probably the best island, was to have a face to face in the wild with the Komodo dragons.

Credit: Luke and Martina

Flying foxes island at sunset; imagine chilling on the boat after a long day spent between hikes, snorkeling, dives and, once the sun goes down, starting to see in the shadows a huge amount of giant fruit bats flying from their island to another close one, the sky full of black dots, a show to enjoy a once in a lifetime.

Credit: Luke and Martina

Kelor Island is a small piece of land where you can mainly do two activities; hiking to the top of the hill where an exquisite 360° view awaits you or going for a snorkel in the crystal clear waters of its beaches. Here you will see plenty of colorful fishes, turtles and also some baby sharks.

Credit: Luke and Martina

Taka Makassar: in our opinion the most Instagrammable sight on this list (for the best result be sure to have a drone with you); it is composed of a tongue of pink sand in the middle of nowhere. You will need a small spare boat to hop on it because larger vessels can’t stop very near. Except for the pics you can shoot here, bring your snorkeling gears, they told us that going for a swim is extremely suggested.

Credit: Luke and Martina

Manta point near Taka Makassar; between the months of September, October and November it is mantas season, which means that you will spot these amazing creatures in big numbers and you can literally swim with them, capturing in shots and footage moments you will never forget.

Komodo Island is our second pick if looking for Dragons; an estimation reports 1’700 living on the island (be aware that from January 2020 the island will be closed, however other islands will remain open to the public).

Kanawa Island, the ideal place where to try a half & half picture, snorkeling, swimming or just chilling on the beach; transparent and calm waters giving the impression to be in a swimming pool and white sandy beach is waiting for you.

Credit: Luke and Martina

Turtle point: unfortunately due to a lack of time and a problem with our boat’s engine we had to skip this awaited activity. Even though we couldn’t see it in person, a bunch of people described it as an absolute must to see if doing a Komodo national park tour; so guys, what to say, don’t miss it if you are wondering how to choose which tour is the best for you don’t miss to check Komodo National Park: How to pick the right tour for you?


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