Top 10 Best Greek Islands To Explore

Top 10 Best Greek Islands To Explore

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Greece, a country considered to be the cradle of Western Civilization is famous for its ancient history, magnificent temples, variety of foods and definitely not forgetting its turquoise waters and sandy beaches. Greece has over 1,000 islands with 227 of them inhabited. I know now you’re thinking, ‘Just a bunch of islands that all look the same, what’s the big deal?’ The thing is, all the islands have their own distinct character. Some are green and rocky while others are loved for their nightlife and being honey moon destinations. Now you’re wondering which of the 227 islands will you visit?  Don’t worry, here are the best Greek islands to put into consideration as your plan your vacation to Greece.

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The precious gem of the Aegean Sea consists of several islands that came into existence as a result of volcanic activity. Santorini is the ultimate vacation destination for a number of reasons. It has breathtaking views, wonderful food and wine, traditional villages rich in culture and one of the most magnificent boat tours. It is said that pictures taken from different points of this island are all unique and beautiful. Now who would want to miss such an Instagram worthy destination? Be sure to catch a view of one of the best sunsets in the world while at Santorini.

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Crete is the biggest island in Greece and is the best Greek island to visit if you’re not in the mood of travelling from one island to another. Crete has a variety of beaches that range from small rocky beaches to long sandy beaches. There are a variety of activities you could take part in while in Crete. You could take a drive and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Crete. There are tall mountains that rise from the sea, valleys and also orchards. Visit the museums and get to know about life in the island during the ancient times. Take part in the festivals and enjoy the outdoor barbecue and the traditional dances. If only I could mention all the exciting things to do in Crete. Take a trip to Crete and see for yourself.

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If you are ‘life of the party’ then this is your go to beach. Mykonos has massive dance clubs that attract the world’s best DJs. The best destination for this experience is the Paradise beach. Another interesting thing about Mykonos is that it is home to 365 churches, one for each day of the year. Now where else would hear about that. Paraportiani is the most famous church and it is recommended you visit the church at sunset when the lights are changing making the view spectacular. Little Venice, a little neighborhood in Mykonos is one of the most stunning places in the island. It is a spectacular place to relax and enjoy the sunset.

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The island where there are no cars and people move around by foot, donkeys or boats. You’re assured to get a waft of fresh air since the roads are not filled with traffic and fumes. Hydra is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.  Hydra is loved for its exquisite architecture and pebbly beaches. Make sure you take a hike along the coast and bask at the beaches of this beautiful island known to be a favorite to artists like Leonard Cohen.

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This beautiful island is famous for the ‘Venus de Milo’ statue, which was discovered by Milos in 1820. Though you will not get to see this statue while at Milos since the statue’s new home is The Louvre museum in Paris.  Milos beaches are spectacular, especially Sarakiniko beach. Its landscape consists of long horizontal rocks that bend over the sea and are entirely bright white forming a beautiful contrast with the turquoise color of the surrounding water.

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The moment you set foot on this island, you’ll be captivated by the sensational almond and orange aroma. Sifnos is home to the famous chef Nikolas Tselementes. Here’s a little fun fact. In 1932 he published a cookbook which became a hit and was owned by almost every household in the island.  You can now imagine how the culinary skill has been perfected by the people of Sifnos. Don’t miss out on the island’s yummy authentic food prepared with pure love and the freshest ingredients. Swimming, snorkeling and taking a walk along the alleys of the white washed villages are some of the activities to add to your bucket list while at Sifnos.

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This island boasts a beautiful natural landscape which is perfect for hiking and it is hands down the greenest of the Greek islands. Naxos is loved for its windy weather which is perfect for windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing. The island is also rich in history with its many ruins which are interesting to explore. Naxos is not as crowded as the other islands making it the perfect getaway destination.

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This is an island that puts into consideration everyone’s interests. Party life? Paros, Relaxation? Paros. It has beautiful blonde sandy beaches, mountains and cliff top villages. We all know that any town with cliff top villages is ideal for the most spectacular sunset view. The Paros beaches are absolutely stunning with crystal clear waters. For those in love with water sports, this island is the place to be. The ‘Meltemi’ wind makes it perfect for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Even the Windsurfing World Cup is organized every summer in Paros.

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Paxos or Paxi is absolutely beautiful with clear aquamarine waters and pebble beaches that are stunning and almost unbelievable. Paxos is not a destination for most tourist’s making it the most ideal island for those who seek privacy and pure relaxation.

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This island stands out for its breathtaking natural landscape. The landscape is not the only stunning site in this island but also the beaches. The sandy beaches with turquoise waters surrounded by wild nature is a breathtaking beautiful site. Watersports such as scuba diving and windsurfing are some of the exciting activities to enjoy at the beach. The Dimosari waterfall is also a scenery you should not miss out on.

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All the Greek islands are beautiful and suitable for each tourist’s needs. There are many other islands to visit such as Patmos, Rhodes and Samos. Enjoy your trip to Greece as I’m certain you will embark on one soon.

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Top 10 Best Greek Islands To Explore