Tokyo-The City of the Future

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Tokyo, Japan’s capital, is truly a sight for sore eyes. From its modern architecture, efficient transport, luxurious hotels, magnificent views to extremely fashionable locals who’ll have you second guessing your outfit. Tokyo is definitely the place to be.

Credit: Instagram/I.Taku

Tokyo Skytree, an observation Tower that offers one of the most magnificent panoramic views of the city. The Skytree is not the only tower you can get a breathtaking view, you could also enjoy the sunset from Shibuya Sky Center which offers a 360 open air air deck on the roof.

Credit: Instagram/Kazuko Watanabe
Credit: Instagram/Mika
Credit: Instagram/Dalin

Teamlab borderless exhibition, at the MORI Building’s Digital art museum, is not just the average museum we’re used to. Just like it’s name “Borderless”, the art is in constant motion and you get to experience different sceneries in just a few minutes and just by standing in the same position.Each room in the exhibition has a unique and continuously changing atmosphere making a visit to this exhibition an experience of a lifetime.

Credit: Instagram/Ghani
Credit: Instagram/Teamlab Borderless
Credit: Instagram/Ghani

Being one of the most technologically advanced places in the world, Tokyo has a robot hotel. You know when we joke and say that one day robots will take over the world, Tokyo is not joking about it. Pepper Parlor has a robot called Servi that serves people food and drinks. Exciting right?

Credit: Instagram/Pepper Parlor

Being a famous tourist attraction there’s a variety of lodging options. From luxurious hotels such as Ritz Carlton designed by Frank Nicholson and costs £15,500 per night! to small personal capsules that only fit your small bed. You could book yourself a capsule room and just enjoy the experience.

Credit: Instagram/Davide
Credit: Instagram/Davide

Food in Tokyo is internationally acclaimed. In fact there are 226 Michelin starred restaurants in Tokyo. Totti Candy Factory offers a cotton candy bigger than your head. If you want, you can have it spun in an assortment of different colors and flavors for just about $9.

Credit: Instagram/Connie and Luna

At Reissue Cafe in Harajuku you’ll find latte artist extraordinaire George who can top your cup with an edible picture of your choice. Unbelievable, I know. Harajuku District is also known for its youth style and fashion. If you’re looking for fashion inspo then this is the place to be. 

Credit: Instagram/Lex
Credit: Instagram/Lex

Tokyo is a phenomenon city. If only I could mention all the amazing things about Tokyo. But you’ll have to go there and see them for yourself

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Tokyo-The City of the Future