Things To Do To Beat Boredom On A Long Haul Plane Flight

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Do you dread a long airplane ride? Well, who doesn’t? To save yourself from boredom, Annette of BucketListJourney shares some tips on what to do on a long haul plane flights to cure boredom.

Binge Watch a New TV Series

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You can easily download a television series to your iPad or laptop for offline viewing using iTunes, Netflix or Amazon. Then grab your tiny bag of pretzels and start binge-watching.

Play Phone Games

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I will shamelessly admit that it’s pretty easy for me to occupy an hour or two playing games on my phone. The trick is to find the perfect game for you. My absolute favorites are Candy Crush Soda Saga (level 672 baby!) and Cooking Fever, where the restaurateur in me gets to serve guests even while I am on a plane. But, there are thousands of others to choose from.

Read a Book

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Obviously, right? Still, so many people forget to load their kindle or pack a book before departing on their travel adventure. Then they are either stuck flipping through those intriguing inflight magazines or paying outrageous prices for reading material at one of the terminal shops. With a little planning, you can not only have a great book to read, but you can do it cheaply. Amazon has hundreds of free books to download to your Kindle.

Enjoy the Inflight Entertainment

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If you have your own seat monitor, then lucky you — there’s hours of entertainment in there! Movies, music, games, oh my! Typically, the personal televisions are only available on longer flights or newer planes, but even if you just have a shared overhead screen, keep an eye out (or ask the flight attendants) when they start the movie. They’ll only play it once and you don’t want to miss the beginning!

Check Something Off Your Bucket List

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Last, but absolutely not least, why not try to check something off your bucket list while passing the time on a long haul flight. What could you possibly accomplish while inflight?

  • Write a Haiku
  • Finish a Crossword Puzzle
  • Write a Handwritten Letter to Someone
  • Start a Gratitude Journal
  • Make an Origami Crane
  • Write a Letter to Your Future Self
  • Meditate


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