Stranded Passengers Worldwide

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Due to the rising number of governments imposing travel bans and grounding flights, there are thousands of passengers worldwide stranded without any route home. Even though the World Health Organisation have stated they do not believe the bans will be effective in stopping the importation of the disease from one affected country to the next ,many countries have done exactly that and have locked themselves in, with hopes of slowing down or stopping the spread of the now infamous Coronavirus.

Travel bans to affected areas or denial of entry to passengers coming from affected areas are usually not effective in preventing the importation of cases, but may have a significant economic and social impact.

World Health Organisation

Travellers are being advised to contact their travel operators or booking companies for more advice on travel options. Tourists with little options and shortage of money are also being told to contact their national embassies as the scheduled plane services worldwide are becoming fewer and far between with every passing day due to the various government imposed bans. Airlines are also finding themselves grounded due to the heavy financial losses they are incurring due to the economical impacts. Many Embassies are sharing travel routes for their citizens however the few airlines that are still in operation are giving travellers details on evacuation flights.

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Stranded Passengers Worldwide