Scandinavia-The Cities To Explore

Scandinavia-The Cities To Explore

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The land of the Vikings, Scandinavia refers to Denmark, Norway and Sweden. These countries are often rated as the happiest locations. Known for its coastal scenery, majestic landscapes, history and wildlife, Scandinavia should be in your bucket list. Here are the cities to explore while you venture into a Scandinavian adventure.


Voted to be the best country in the world, Sweden has thousands of coastal islands, inland lakes and glaciated mountains.


Stockholm, also known as the Venice of the North. If you are a historic lover you’ll definitely love Stockholm’s museums such as The Vasa museum and The Fotografiska. Other than museums, Stockholm has a lot more to offer like the Royal Palace where you’ll see the Queen’s silver throne,  Stockholm cathedral which dates back to 1279, Stockholm’s food tours that offer several different types of cuisines. If I could state all the good things in Stockholm I’d turn this article into an entire book. 


With lots of different festivals that take place throughout the year, Gothenburg has a lively and youthful feel to it. Gothenburg is a major tourist destination due to its rich culture, world class restaurants, iconic nature and culinary prowess. There’s plenty to see and do in this city


Scandinavia’s smallest country known for its beautiful coastal towns, sandy beaches and iconic islands connected together by gigantic bridges.


With its deep rooted Viking history, Roskilde is famous for the Viking Ship Museum which hosts five Viking ships. This museum is a must see for those fascinated by Viking history and culture. You should also visit The Cathedral of St. Luke, famous for its architecture and 40 tombs of kings and queens of Denmark. Roskilde is not all about history. For music lovers, the Roskilde Rock Festival is a must do. It runs from late June to early July with various pop and rock concerts. 


Denmark’s capital with beautiful waterways and the Nyhavn harbor which is lined by colorful townhouses, bars and restaurants. Copenhagen has a wide variety of cultural attractions and art collections, royal palaces with Viking history, restaurants with amazing innovative cuisines and fashion killer locals who’ll have you double checking your outfit.


Credit: Instagram/Explore Nature

Norway, known for its mountains, glaciers and fjords. It has been the birthplace of many famous, influential people, as well as the breeding ground for several creative inventions 


Prided to be Norway’s most beautiful city. There’s plenty of activities to do while in Alesund. You could walk around the waterfront and admire the unique architecture, visit the city’s aquarium with pinguins and otters, climb the steps of Mount Aksla to see the most terrific view of the city and definitely don’t miss out on the local cuisines.


Famous for being a view point of the colorful Northern Lights. Tromso has the perfect blend of traditional and modern culture. It has some Arctic wildlife such as reindeers, sperm whales, wolves and bears. Experience the midnight sun around May 20th to July 20th where night becomes a thing of the past. Take a food tour or visit the museums or even take part in the many festivals. There is something for everyone in Tromso.

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Scandinavia-The Cities To Explore