Planning for Spring

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It’s always exciting to see spring arrive. The air stops feeling as cold as the ice on the ground disappears. You can finally go out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine without your usual winter boots and coats. It’s not surprising how your mood also starts improving. You might have gotten used to spending a lot of time indoors during the winter. It’s good to change up your habits once it’s warmer outside so you can enjoy spending more time outdoors.

Let me give you some ideas that should be on your spring bucket list.


Outdoor dining

Outdoor dining is a very popular activity during summer but it’s even better in spring. The air is fresh and crisp it’s making it fun to dine outdoors and much easier to find a nice restaurant that’s not crowded.


Attending friendly soccer matches

Spring gives us a chance to go back out and be active. The kids also get a chance to get back to their usual hobbies such as playing or watching soccer matches. Friendly matches can finally be organized and you get to see your kids take part in a small friendly competition.


Bird watching

It’s not just humans who crave for warmth during winter. Animals too. For instance birds. Birds return to the Northern hemisphere in Spring  after spending the winter somewhere warm. Spring is the perfect season to go bird watching since the birds are gathered in groups making it easier to see them.

Credit/Instagram/ Abhijit Mishra


Among them are both kayaking and paddle boarding which are perfect ways to spend the late spring days where it’s sufficiently warm but not too hot for enjoying. Plus, even if the water temperatures aren’t high enough for swimming yet, that’s no obstacle for ayaking and paddle boarding.

Credit/Instagram/kayak Hunter

A spring vacation.

Everybody fancies a vacation especially after winter. Anything from a solo to a family trip will do. As long as you get to relax.


A garden tea party

A nice tea party after winter is just what everybody needs. It can even be just a small party of family and friends- definitely a good way to kick off the spring season



Working out indoors can get boring sometimes. That’s why we always mix it up with a jog outside or going to the gym. But in the winter season, the latter can be discouraging. Finally when Spring gets here you can go back to a more diverse routine that includes hiking. The best part about hiking is when you get to breath in the fresh air and enjoy some amazing landscapes. Especially in Spring when flowers start to return to their original beauty.


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Planning for Spring