Paris-Best Vegan Restaurants

Paris-Best Vegan Restaurants

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We all know that Food cooked above 42 degrees ends up losing its important nutrients. That’s where the name of this restaurant comes from. Food here is never cooked past 42 degrees. They serve “Raw Food” cuisines that are cooked in a way that all nutrients, vitamins and enzymes are all preserved.


Sol Semilla is the first superfood French Brand. In case you’re wondering, superfoods are foods with high nutritional density.This restaurant offers organic, vegan, gluten-free and raw cuisines containing fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables, cereals and aromatic plants. The cuisines are cooked creatively and have amazing unique flavors.


Owned by David and Adrien Valentin, this restaurant offers plant based and gourmet cuisines. Recipes are 100% home made and all ingredients are sourced from the farmers market. Their menu is oftenly adjusted according to seasons and products. The atmosphere here is quiet, cozy and warm and you can enjoy your delicious meal in peace.


With detox, energy and high protein recipes, Sport Lovers adore this restaurant. With the help of nutritional professionals they have a well thought menu to suit each diet and ensure that all important nutrients are included. They also serve  one of the most delicious salads you’ve ever tasted. Liife is not 100% vegan, so enquire first before you order.


If you love a well cooked Grandma’s recipe meal, then this is your go to restaurant. Offering French cuisines in vegan version and gluten free foods of your choice. A cozy restaurant with the most delicious vegan food. This restaurant is a must visit in Paris.


With pure 100% veggie burgers that will leave your taste buds tingling. Hank Vegan Burger is a veggie fast food restaurant. It’s very rare to hear of veggie fast food joints. They also went ahead to create a veggie pizza. Their funny menu with names such as ‘the Wrestler’ will definitely jumpstart your appetite


Offering a wide range of gluten free dishes with fresh juices, raw cake slices, chocolates and exquisite vegan donuts.(Raw cakes are free from gluten, wheat, egg and dairy and other non vegan ingredients) This restaurant is a favorite to the locals especially during Sunday brunch. Make sure to make a reservation in advance.


Tieng Hiang is an Asian restaurant in Paris serving dishes from Thailand, China and Malaysia. This restaurant has specialties such as pork, chicken and shrimp. I know you’re surprised but don’t worry, they are all made of pseudo meat products. Even Vogue published a positive review of this restaurant attracting even the carnivores to go have a try.


Offering a purely vegetarian menu, homemade with fresh and organic ingredients. Their menu includes foods such as soups, burgers,  fries, potato croquettes, pasta, bowls with brown rice/quinoa, and treats like chocolate tartes, cinnamon rolls, and panna cotta.

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Paris-Best Vegan Restaurants