Northern Europe Cruises: Best Routes to Set Sail

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Canadian travel blogger went on a cruise through the beautiful provinces in Northern Europe. She listed out some of the routes and destinations that you can explore with Ponant on one of its luxury cruises in Northern Europe.

Your cruise ports in Bergen – the place is rich in history, beautiful sightseeing spots and over the top experience that you just can’t miss out on. Apart from the big cruising docks, there are also spots that you can explore around.  Cruising along the stunning Norwegian coastline with untouched fjords all around can be an amazing experience. You would stop to gawk at fishermen houses in Stavanger, visit the natural wonder at Flam, the quaint village of Olden and finish at the historic town of Alesund.

Credit: Melissa Giroux

Some of the spots that you can look and just devour with your eyes include Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, Riga and a few others that are worth mentioning. All of these cities have their significance to them, ranging from an architectural bout of importance to the historical one, the options are quite extensive if you come to look at it.

Scandinavia and the Baltics
Credit: Melissa Giroux

Denmark is a beautiful country and the city of Copenhagen does live up to all the expectations around. It sits on the beautiful coastal islands of Zealand and Amager, making it an amazing spot to explore when you are trying to cruise through Northern-Europe. It has quite a rich and enriching history to it which you just can’t forget.

Credit: Melissa Giroux

With over 14 islands around, the capital of Sweden, Stockholm is one of the best spots to visit and explore when it comes to cruising destinations. On top of that, the extensive Baltic sea archipelago further brings together the overall experience even further, making it a trip worth remembering.

Credit: Melissa Giroux


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