New York-Best Vegan Restaurants.

New York-Best Vegan Restaurants.

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Finding the perfect Vegan restaurant can be tough. Especially one that you absolutely trust. I know the title reads vegan restaurants but this doesn’t mean my carnivores can’t have a look and try out some of these vegan restaurants in New York.


Famed for its vegan fast foods that even carnivores love. At 6 dollars, their veggie burger is a must eat and it’s totally unforgettable. Superiority is also loved for their sides such as burnt broccoli salad topped with candied nuts and peppers. This restaurant does not have dine in options but take out.


You’ll be amazed at how everything in this restaurant is meat and dairy free. Even the mozzarella sticks!


Serving vegan cuisines made from fresh, well sourced ingredients. Some of the delicious dishes served are raw zucchini enchiladas and wild mushroom crepes. This restaurant has a comfortable and serene interior with a two story space.


This restaurant brings deliciousness and culture to life. Hangawi has a ceremonial setting where customers eat shoe-less and on a table and seating setting situated close to the floor. This Korean vegan restaurant serves healthy, light dishes.


Started out in Belgium and now a favorite among the New Yorkers. Nothing in this restaurant is fried and all dishes are cooked at very low temperatures. Dishes are available as customizable meals or standalone small plates like coconut ceviche.


Just like the sound of its name, this Asian restaurant offers Japan, Korea, China and Thai inspired dishes such as soy cheese- filled wontons and spicy tofu wraps. Most people go for the 10 dollar and under lunch specials such as smoked teriyaki seitan and vegan barbecue ribs.


The famous restaurant known for its peach at Shark Tank. This restaurant is known for its plant based offerings with globally inspired dishes. Beyond Sushi serves delicious meals with unique flavors and superior ingredients. This restaurant has five branches across Manhattan, all of them offering dining, take away and delivery services.


Located in Chelsea and owned by the team behind Beyond Sushi. Willow has a diverse menu of plant based dishes such as salads, sandwiches, coconut ceviche and other finger licking dishes.


Named after the Aztec goddess of young corn, Xilonen is a Mexican Vegan and vegetarian restaurant. The food menu is 75% Vegan and 25% vegetarian. The corn they use is sourced from a Mexican organization that connects farmers growing heritage crops with restaurants in the US and Mexico. Some of the dishes served are like braised carrot tostada with navy beans, green chorizo quesadillas and cinnamon babka. You can dine at the restaurant or order a take away and enjoy your meal at home.

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New York-Best Vegan Restaurants.