A Wild Sailing Trip

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Discover how a adventure traveler, writer, blogger, and photographer Aggie narrates how her sailing trip has shaped her into the person she is right now.

One day, my then-partner and I decided to change our lives in the most cliche way possible: we sold everything, quit our jobs, bought a sailboat online from somewhere in Mexico and then fixed it.

Credit: Aggie

The plan was simple: sail across the biggest ocean on the planet without any professional help, relying solely on ourselves. 

Credit: Aggie

Our first leg took a little longer than expected – instead of 28, we spent over 54 days non stop at sea. We ran into unimaginable storms – ones I hadn’t even seen in movies. We managed to survive the storm, but I was too afraid to fall asleep for the next 2 days until the wind and waves were completely gone.

Credit: Aggie

We spent months hopping between islands of French Polynesia. Nuku His, Tikehau, Tubuai. Spent Christmas in Bora Bora and New Year’s Eve in Tahiti.

Credit: Aggie

After months in the tropics, we spent 4 weeks sailing to New Zealand – a journey where we had the roughest seas I ever experienced. 

Credit: Aggie

Since one of the pour crossings was 8 weeks old, we ended up eating rice cooked in ocean water with pepper and olive oil for lunch and dinner and long-life milk with cereal for breakfast. 

Credit: Aggie

It was hard and extreme and I don’t think I would go sailing for over 190 days anytime soon, but no other trip has shaped me into a person I am total and I’m grateful for it.

Credit: Aggie


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‘HAPPINESS ONLY REAL WHEN SHARED’. You look at this photo and think: wow how cool?! I want to be there! I wanna experience it! It must be such an incredible feeling to be surrounded by such paradise clear blue water and watch cute little pigs (and a few bigger ones too!) swim around! 🐷 💦 :::::: Of course, I would love for you to experience it, I really wish you can some day (that’s why I shared every single detail of how to make it happen in my upcoming book #INSTATRAVELthebook) But that’s not what I want to say today. ::::: This decade is coming to the end and so is this year and I think it’s important to remember that it’s NOT WHAT and WHERE we experience something but with WHO. That’s my intention for the next year and decade. ::::: I like my own company and I already tend to choose being alone over surrounding myself with people that I don’t vibe with. ::::: But I want something so much more than that next year. I want to travel with and in love, not looking for it. I want to be holding hands not cameras or phones, I want depth and even more depth. And that can only come with commitment and time spent together with people I can about, not away from them. Whether it’s a family member or a friend or a loved one. I want 2020 to be the year of LOVE with capital L and capital O and V and E. ::::: What’s your #2020resolution? Photo @moretti ::::: #bahamas #pigs #swimmingpigs #instatravel #2020 #resolutions

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