Love Photography? Checkout The Best Places In Turkey To Take Those Shots!

These Best Places In Turkey To Take Those Shots!

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Travel blogger, Stephanie Be spent over a week exploring Turkey, a country situated on two continents that’s to say Europe and Asia. Here’s her list of the Best Places for Photography in Turkey!

A bucket list experience for travel in Turkey, sunrise in Cappadocia is magical. Start your pre-morning with a quick (limited) continental breakfast before embarking on a flight with 12 – 26 of your *closest* friends.

Take a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia
Credit: Stephanie Be

The Pamukkale thermal pools are the unicorn of natural national parks. Translating from Turkish to “cotton castles,” these white terraces mirage as snow glaciers, but are actually deposits of calcium carbonate. You can bring your swimsuit for a swim, but it does get cold during the winter.

Pamukkale Thermal Pools
Credit: Stephanie Be

The Greek City of Ephesus holds strong Christian significance in the Book of Revelation. It’s an Ancient World Wonder and a quick trip from the Andan Menderes Airport.

Explore Ephesus
Credit: Stephanie Be

Move over seven-star hotels of Abu Dhabi! There’s nothing like living in a cave of an underground city. Volcanoes hollowed-out rocks over centuries; these became people’s homes and eventually, Turkey points of interest for a luxe lodging experience.

Enjoy a rooftop meal of your cave hotel in Cappadocia.
Credit: Stephanie Be

Istanbul is known for eccentric art and funky rooftops. Indulge in hookah, wine or Turkish coffee with a view of the only mid-Euro-Asian metropolitan city.

Find a rooftop in Istanbul.
Credit: Stephanie Be

Meaning “Holy Wisdom,” the now museum has evolved as a Christian Church, Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Roman Catholic Cathedral, and Imperial Mosque. Take a walk inside and you’ll appreciate its majestic domes too.

Have a walk within Hagia Sophia
Credit: Stephanie Be

Goreme National Park describes the entire area, but there are rock sites that have nicknames including Rose Valley, Mushroom Valley, and Imagination Valley. Ask your guide or driver to tour you through the fairy chimney and volcanic rock formations.

Goreme National Park, Cappadocia
Credit: Stephanie Be


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Love Photography? Checkout The Best Places In Turkey To Take Those Shots!