How To Prep For Your Next Trip

How To Prep For Your Next Trip

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Choosing what to carry when planning a trip can be a complete dilemma. No one wants to arrive at their destination and realize they actually left something they really needed. It’s also annoying to leave your vacation and realize you actually carried lots of stuff you actually didn’t need.

Here’s the ultimate luggage guide to get you ready for your next trip.

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When to park

If you do not like being pressured, always pack a few days before the D day. It even gives you room to think of what you’ve forgotten to pack or what you packed but don’t need. Packing on the last day can be stressful and you’ll end up either over packing or forgetting a few essentials.

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Choosing your Travel Luggage

Travel luggage is either, duffel bag, suitcase, or backpack. Suitcases come in various forms. Rolling suitcases can either be hard or soft. Hard suitcases have a hard cover and soft suitcases are made of fabric. Soft suitcases are expandable and can be forced to accommodate more but they are also risky when over packed. The zipper might snap or it could get ripped by something during the loading and unloading process. Hard suitcases are more secure and waterproof in case the rain catches you off guard as you wait for your taxi or your next mode of transport. Choose your type of luggage depending on how long and where you’re traveling. A duffel bag or backpack are suitable for trips such as a weekend getaway.

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What to pack

Now that you’ve chosen your luggage, what will you pack? What you’ll pack depends on your destination. Are you going to be sleeping in a hotel or are you going camping. Going camping you’ll have to pack your own toiletries. Some hotels do not offer all the toiletries like a toothbrush and toothpaste. You can call your hotel to find out or you could carry them just in case. Toiletries are quite essential so I recommend always carrying your toiletry bag no matter the destination

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 Knowing the weather conditions of your destination is the number one must know. This is the main determinant of what your luggage will entail. 

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Also familiarize yourself with the cultural norms of your travel destination. Some countries have a dressing code and adhering to them is mandatory. 

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Think of all the activities you’ll engage in and carry the appropriate outfit for all. If you are in love with fashion, pack all the outfits you want to rock. Don’t hold back. No one will ask you if you have five suitcases. Just have a plan and assess the risks such as losing them in case you’re connecting flights.. 

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Sometimes leaving some room in your suitcase to pack some of the clothes you’ll buy while shopping on your tour is important. Always pack what you can manage

How to pack and organize

I really recommend travel organizers. They save you a hustle of rummaging through your luggage looking for something. There are different travel organizers for different items such as jewelry, make up, electronics, documents and toiletries.

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If you are not one to use travel organizers, pack your items on a hierarchy level from frequently used at the top to least used at the bottom. You can also have a small bag that’s not in your main luggage to keep your phone, charger, headphones, and novel. Stuff that you’ll use on the journey. Having an organized luggage is like having an organized pantry. Everything you need will be right in front of your eyes.

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How To Prep For Your Next Trip