Fun Things To Do In Sofia, Bulgaria

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Have you ever wanted to visit Sofia? The capital and largest city of the Balkan nation of Bulgaria known to be the country’s culture as well as an economic center. The city’s landmarks reflect more than 2,000 years of history, including Greek, Roman, Ottoman and Soviet occupation.  If you want to get to know more about Sofia and Bulgaria in general, keep reading this article from @2monkeystravel. 

Discover the City of Sofia

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As one of the oldest cities around, Sofia has so many in store for those who would like to visit the town. Everywhere, you’ll find monuments and ruins dating back to some of the most empires in history– from the Romans to the Ottomans and even the Soviet Union!

Visit Rila’s Seven Lakes

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The Rila Lakes are some of the most notable destinations within the Balkan Peninsula. And lucky for you, you have the chance to see them for yourself while you’re in Sofia! This attraction is composed of seven lakes named the Lower Lake, Fish Lake, The Twin, The Kidney, The Trefoil, The Eye and The Tear.

Have a refreshing day at the Krushuna Waterfalls

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Just a few hours outside Sofia, in the north-central area of the country, lies the Krushuna National Park where the beautiful waterfalls are located. It is actually a 20-meter high cascading waterfall further split into a few smaller ones down the line. People believe its warm waters can help relieve different ailments.

Taste some traditional Bulgarian food

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Bulgarian cuisine is, in a way, representative of the whole Eastern European cuisine as it shares characteristics with the cuisine from neighboring countries. It is known for having good quality products as its main ingredients for mostly pork and chicken-based dishes.

Check out the Rila Monastery and the Boyana Church

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Probably one of the highlights of your tour to Sofia will be a visit to the Rila Monastery, a UNESCO-listed heritage site deep within the pine forests of the Rila mountains. Another one is the Boyana Church, another UNESCO-listed monument noted for its pre-Renaissance charm.

Explore ancient Thracian monuments

As a country dating back centuries, it’s no surprise that there are still monuments left by its ancient settlers in Bulgaria. Visit the Thracian region, an area split between Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey, to get the chance to witness prehistoric structures like tombs and sanctuaries which was once part of the ancient civilizations that settled in the area.

Take a tour around Sofia’s famous caves

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Aside from its ancient treasures, Bulgaria also boasts of its captivating natural landscape. Allot some time during your tour to visit some of the country’s most beautiful cave systems learn how it has been used by the Bulgarians who settled around the area throughout the years. You’ll find most of them just right outside Sofia.


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Fun Things To Do In Sofia, Bulgaria