Food Travel Guide: Top 6 Countries To Visit In 2020

Food Travel Guide: Top Countries To Visit In 2020

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Alex and Michael, the couple behind couplescoordinates.com, round up a list of the top 6 countries with the best food that you need to visit in 2020.

Pizza at Sorbillo in New York City, NY

Credit: CouplesCoordinates

The US seriously could be 6 or more distinct countries that just so happen to speak the same language. Take the Southwest, Pacific Northwest, Rockies/Great Plains, Midwest, South, and Northeast and you’ve got a number of areas with vastly different lifestyles, cuisines, and people. Influenced over hundreds of years by immigrants from around the world, each mini melting pot of America has become uniquely distinguishable in 2019. Many of the best chefs the world has ever known are/were Americans (Thomas Keller, James Beard, Anthony Bourdain, Bobby Flay, Jim Gallagher, the list goes on and on).

Filet mignon in Paris

Credit: CouplesCoordinates

Much of the way we eat, cook, and dine in the Western world can be attributed to the culinary successes of the French. In France, food is everything. Well, food and wine are everything. With 18 regions each boasting unique varietals of wine, every French dish is perfectly escorted to your plate by a bottle of Bordeaux, rose, pinot noir, or syrah. We have been fortunate enough to live in Nice for a month and travel through other areas of the South of France as well as the capital city of Paris.

Sushi in Japan

Credit: CouplesCoordinates

Japan is littered with incredible restaurants and immediately comes to mind when considering the countries with the best food. Tokyo, alone, has 230 Michelin star restaurants (that’s more than any other city in the world and also more than Spain, the USA, or the UK have in any of their respective countries). The Japanese not only know how to make food taste good, but they also know how to make food that is good for your health and longevity! The Japanese have the longest life expectancy of any nation in the world (excluding Monaco) and live, on average, to the age of 85!

Greek salad and mezze plate at Psarivolada on Milos, Greece

Credit: CouplesCoordinates

We made it to the triumvirate of countries with the best food that we have visited so far in our lives. The rich, fresh, delicious ingredients of the Mediterranean mixed with the love and traditions of the Greek make some of the most flavorful and enticing dishes you’ll find on the planet. Dining in Greece is an experience. Take it slow. There is no rush. Just sit back, relax, turn your phone on silent, and enjoy the smorgasbord of food you’ll inevitably devour.

As Greece’s nation spans a large landmass and a number of island chains, each area has dishes that are local and characteristic of the land and sea.

 Los Tres Gallos, Galo, Mexico

Credit: CouplesCoordinates

If you’ve never been to Mexico or the Southwest United States, you’ve never had real Mexican food. Mexico is simply one of the countries with the best food in the world.

Mexican food is so much more than tacos and burritos. While there are very few things better than a good carne asada burrito with beans, rice, cilantro, onion, and spicy habanero salsa, what makes Mexican food so incredible is it’s complex simplicity.


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