5 Post Lockdown Trends To Get Ready For

Post Lockdown Trends To Get Ready For

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COVID 19 came as a slap in the face for most of us. Almost like a scary movie coming to life. The pandemic has taught us to appreciate many things, especially the people around us. Most of us are spending more valuable time with our families at home and getting to create special memories. One major thing the pandemic changed was travelling. Many of us have ended up either postponing or cancelling our trips. International travel became a thing to think twice about. Now that we have several vaccines, we have hope that COVID lockdown days are coming to an end. What will happen to travelling post COVID? Here are post lockdown travel trends to get ready for.

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Before the pandemic, a month was most people’s maximum vacation days and they were done for the year. Only a handful of people had the luxury of vacationing for as long as they desired. With the COVID restrictions most companies have now perfected the art of remotely working with only essential company employees going to the office. This has given people an opportunity to comfortably take a trip to a beach resort and still perform their work duties. It’s just a matter of time management. Even though the pandemic will soon be over (we hope), the fear of moving up and down will take some time to leave our conscious. Gone will be the days of weekend getaways to have a good time and shake off the work stress. We will now be taking one long trip to one destination. The good news is you will actually spend less.

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The pandemic has made us appreciate the gift of life and re-think all our choices. We now want to make choices that have meaning and have a positive impact. Over-tourism has been a norm in the past. Thinking about touring to countries that need the support was not something that would cross most people’s minds. Visiting beautiful countries that have been abandoned by most tourists due to calamities such as natural disasters will become the new normal. Wondering why? We all love the feeling of contentment that comes with helping. Boosting such countries will make our hearts warm since such countries need the boosts to revive their economy.

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Tourism is a key source of income for many countries and without it their economy crumbles. All beautiful landscapes, wildlife, lakes and rivers that we enjoy to see when we travel need to be preserved and protected. In order to be preserved, their home countries need the money to hire the personnel to guard and protect them from exploitation. Believe it or not, it took the pandemic for most of us to realize how much we need to care for this beautiful earth. 

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The World Health Organization defines sustainable tourism as the development that meets the needs of present tourists and host regions while protecting and enhancing opportunity for the future. In simpler terms this is finding a way to maintain long term tourism without harming the natural and cultural environment of the host countries. I know. This is a dilemma. Let’s break it down. In order for a tourist to get to their destination, an airplane or vehicle needs to be involved. This same airplane or vehicle is discouraged due to the pollution it causes. Now how do we take care of that?  Travelers will begin to keep in mind the pollution caused by travel and the impact on the environment and wildlife.

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Staying home during lockdown has made us rethink our purpose in this world. We had lost the sense of understanding this planet we live and we started taking it for granted. Post lockdown people will just want to visit somewhere they can reconnect with this life giving planet. Going somewhere where they can learn how to weave baskets, herd livestock, plant or harvest crops, will be the new norm.

Credit: Instagram/Emily Rose

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5 Post Lockdown Trends To Get Ready For