Choosing Between Santorini & Mykonos

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Greece has lots of amazing islands to visit. All of them beautiful but with their own distinct characters. Mykonos and Santorini are both breathtakingly beautiful islands in the Aegean Sea. It’s not a surprise you’d be confused on which of the two you should visit.

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Let’s start with Santorini.

Even the sound of its name is intriguing. Santorini is the most famous of the Greek islands. Mostly known for being a honeymoon destination, Santorini has an amazing Caldera that was formed as a result of volcanic activity. This caldera resulted into one of the most beautiful sea views ever known to man. 

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When to go; The best time to visit Santorini depends on what you want out of the visit. If you want a beach holiday to bask in the sun and swim in the ocean, then the best time is from June to September. If your main aim is sightseeing, food, wine and views, then the best time is around late March to November. Generally the best times to take a trip to Santorini is between late April and early November when the weather is warm.

What’s so good about Santorini

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The sunset view at Oia village. Embark on a lazy stroll on this cliff top village with purely white houses and blue domed churches. The architecture here is simply spectacular. Finish your stroll with one of the most iconic sunset views known to man.

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The Atlantis. Santorini was struck by one of the biggest volcanic eruptions in the world over 3,000 years ago. This eruption led to the majority of the island sinking beneath the ocean leaving a huge crater that formed the cliffs of Santorini. All these occurrences led to assumptions that Santorini is the home of the legend Atlantis.

Finger licking food. Greece is praised for its amazing food and obviously Santorini has not been left out. Its amazing local cuisine will have you wanting more and more.

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Santo’s Winery. A trip to Santorini is not complete without a visit to this winery where you can try a wide range of delicious Greek wines. 

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Red Beach.Oia Village also known as the red beach. You could also take part in water activities such as scuba diving, kite surfing and sailing, visit the museums and churches and learn about Santorini’s history.

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 There’s lots of many more activities to do while at Santorini.

How About Mykonos

Mykonos is where all the fun happens. Just like Santorini, Mykonos is filled with white washed villages and blue domed churches. Mykonos is mostly famous for its amazing nightlife. If you are the life of the party, then this “Ibiza of Greece” is where you need to be.

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When to go.

The best time to visit Mykonos is between June and September when the weather is hot and the waters are warm. For thinner crowds and cheaper hotel rates, May and November are the best months. 

What’s so special about Mykonos

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Windmills in Chora. The most recognized landmarks of the island. For many centuries the mills have been used to refine grain with the help of strong winds that blow the island. Obviously with the growth and implementation of technology, the use of the mills has declined and only seven have been left. The windmill of Choni which is now a museum has an incredible view of the sea and sunset.

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Little Venice.

 Little Venice is one of the most romantic places in Mykonos. It has elegant beautiful houses that are found on the edge of the sea. The sunset from Little Venice is absolutely breathtaking.

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Paradise Beach

Super paradise beach on Mykonos is loved by many people for its exotic waters, soft sand and beach bars. Cavo Paradiso, a night club in Paradise Beach, is one the best party destinations not just in Greece but around the world. 

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Shopping.  Shop til you drop while on this beautiful island. Along the alleyways you’ll find shops of the most famous designers such as Louis Vuitton along with other art shops selling attractive traditional products and souvenirs. 

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I’m certain you’re now confused which of the two islands you should visit. Here’s a little guide to help you out.

If you’re looking for beautiful attractions, museums and Sightseeing, amazing food, Romance then Santorini is the place to go. It has more museums, wineries, more beautiful villages and an active volcano. Santorini is more ideal for couples. It’s also ideal if you have a longer vacation since it has more things to discover and things to do.

Credit: Instagram/Johannes and Vivian
Credit: Instagram/Johannes and Vivian

If you’re looking for the best beaches, exciting nightlife, luxurious shopping, then Mykonos is your go to island. The most luxurious and well known brand’s shops are found in Mykonos since it’s a destination for many celebrities. Mykonos is more of an ideal destination for a group of friends.

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But why choose one if you can visit both islands. They are actually pretty close to each and you easily hop from one island to another. You could always divide your holiday and spend a few days in Santorini, get to enjoy the views and romantic atmosphere then hop on to Mykonos to relax at the beach and party the night away.

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