5 Best Family City Breaks

5 Best Family City Breaks

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Travelling with your whole family can be exciting and challenging at the same time. You have to carefully choose your destinations and make sure they’re exciting and engaging. Kids definitely do not like being bored. Here are some exciting destinations in Europe to ensure and great time for you and your family.

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London has lots of interesting family attractions to ensure you a happy and exciting stay. It has lots of child friendly, fun and educational  attractions and most of them are actually free. These are some of the things to do in London as a family;

Visit HMS Belfast: Found on the River Thames, HMS Belfast was a ship for the Royal Navy and is the only surviving Second World War cruiser. It has 9 decks for you and your family to explore. Kids will enjoy climbing down to the boiler and engine room and also seeing the Operations Room making them feel like the captain. 

Warner Bros Studio: If you guys are Harry Potter fans, you’ll definitely enjoy this tour. You’ll be able to see the real sets of where Harry Potter was shot, see all the props, costumes, The forbidden forest and The Great Hall at Hogwarts.

Sealife Centre: An interesting place where you and your family will be educated about the fascinating facts about marine life and you’ll get to see the sharks and octopus being fed. The sealife centre is an amazing place to visit.

There are lots more family destinations to visit while in London such as the London Eye, the Zoo and the Hampton Court Palace.


Paris is not just a city of love, it’s also an amazing family destination. Famous family destinations in Paris include;

Eiffel Tower; Climbing the steps of the Eiffel Tower as you learn about its history and get to enjoy the beautiful view from the second floor. There’s an available elevator that you can use instead of climbing but where’s the fun in that.

The Louvre; You and your family get to see the most impressive art collections in the world. This museum has lots to see and keep your kids busy and entertained. You can always make a second visit to the Louvre since I’m sure you won’t see all the 35,000 objects on display in just one day.

Musee D’orsay; You could go on a scavenger hunt at this museum. You’ll receive a guide of featured artwork with pictures of pieces you should find. You and your family will enjoy walking through the museum as you try to find the pieces and also get to see other pieces while at it.

You could also take part in a food tour and enjoy Paris’ delicious food, visit the Palace of Versailles and the Grand Trianon,


Italy’s capital, Rome has a great family friendly atmosphere. It is home to the Vatican and a world class art and ancient ruins

Colosseum; the largest ancient amphitheatre ever built and still the largest in the world. The amazing history behind the Colosseum is both educational and exciting. Deep underground is a maze of tunnels and chamber where wild animals like bears, lions and leopards that were used in either battles or circuses were kept.

Ride Bikes through Borghese Gardens; this is Rome’s second largest garden and is the perfect place to burn off your kid’s energy. You could explore the park by riding bikes through it, row a boat on the lake or even ride a Segway. There’s also a zoo, playgrounds and pony rides. 

The Spanish Steps; These iconic 138 steps are a must visit while in Paris. It’s the perfect spot for you and your family to enjoy some ice cream and also climb to the top an artist to paint you and your family’s portrait.

 Rome has lots of other ancient sites and sacred places to visit. Pizza in Rome is also worldly known so its injustice to leave Rome without having the taste of Rome’s famous thin crust pizza.


Barcelona is a beautiful city with narrow streets, a rich culture, history and delicious food.

Parc de la Ciutadella; Kids love running around and jumping and playing. This park is a beautiful open green space with several museums, a zoo and a river where you can rent a rowboat with your family.

Chocolate Museum; Got a sweet tooth? Your kids will love this museum where they will learn about their favorite treats and how they are made. They’ll also get to see some of their favorite characters in cartoon form

Sagrada Familia; With a beautiful colorful interior and sand castle-like towers on the outside, this place will totally wow you and your family.

You could also visit other places like the Boqueria Market, Tibidabo amusement park and the Gothic Quarter.


The Netherlands capital is a super kid friendly destination.

NEMO; The largest science center is the Netherlands where you’ll find exhibitions, workshop demonstrations and science labs where your kids can take part in science experiments making it an exciting and educational place to visit. 

Kinderkookkafe; In Kinderkookkafe, your kids get to cook their own meals and also play in the outdoor and indoor play area.

Canal Pizza Cruise; A fun 90 minute cruise around the canals of Amsterdam as you enjoy meals and drinks like pizza, wine and soft drinks.

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