10 Best Restaurants in Dubai

10 Best Restaurants in Dubai

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When it comes to Dubai, expect everything to be extra. Food here is almost too exotic to imagine. I may not praise the restaurants with Michelin stars since Dubai doesn’t have its own Michelin Guide, but it imports Chefs and restaurants chains that have Michelin stars. Restaurants in Dubai are not just for eating but also places with stunning decor and magnificent views.

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Known as Dubai’s best seafood, Al Mahara(meaning oyster shell) restaurant is found inside the luxurious 7 star Hotel, Burj Al Arab. It has an underwater vibe to it with  a fascinating floor to ceiling aquarium with an array of tropical fish swimming by that will truly keep your eyes busy as you enjoy the delicious food. Elegance is key in this restaurant. It is fitted with big stylish tables and luxurious chairs that offer space and comfort for the perfect culinary experience. Al Maharan’s head chef is Kim Joinie-Maurine who is praised for 3 Michelin stars. He is known for adding an extra unique touch to all his dishes.


Located at the dockside of a canal, the atmosphere in this restaurant is simply relaxing with a beautiful view of the Burh Al Arab and the Gulf beyond. Zheng He’s prides itself with dishes that are the perfect blend of modern western presentation with old chinese flavors. Its interior features polished wood flooring with red hanging lanterns and large Chinese traditional wall hangings. This restaurants is one of Dubai’s most loved chinese restaurant with a welcoming atmosphere


Created by famous chef Nobu Matsuhisa, Nobu is a japanese restaurant based at the famous Atlantis Hotel. Its perfect fusion of Japanese style with Peruvian influences have made it a global icon. Nobu has a fantastic sushi bar, stylish surroundings and private areas for those who seek an intimate setting. Nobu is notoriously known for being a global spot for the rich and famous. Celebrities such as David Beckham and Kim Kardashian have been spotted at Nobu. Even cooking classes are available for those who want to learn a trick or two.


Thiptara, meaning Magic of the Water, is one of the most romantic restaurants in Dubai. It is located at Palace Downtown adorning the shores of Burj Lake and overlooking the Dubai Fountain. They serve flavorful Thai cuisines made with the freshest of ingredients using Thai’s signature recipes. Like the meaning of its name, ‘Magic of the Water’,  you’ll experience exemplary dining experiences with an authentic feel to it and some mesmerising surroundings.


With a romantic setting located far away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai, Pierchic is found on a bedecked pier jutting out into the Arabian Gulf. The view here is just spectacular. At Pierchic, you’ll enjoy one of the best European sea foods in Dubai as you take in the views of the Arabian Gulf from your over water dining table.


Get your killer outfit ready for your visit to this restaurant. With its sleek design with carved wooden screens, rich jewel tones and flickering candles, Hakkasan attracts a stylish and glamorous crowd. Modern flavor is the key aim of this restaurant as traditional Cantonese recipes are merged with dated techniques resulting in some iconic innovative dishes.


Rhodes W1 is a British restaurant  filled with an ambience of sophistication. The interiors are simply spectacular with walls decorated with leaves, white silhouettes of birds and butterflies. The biggest attraction to this restaurant is the tea and terrace bar overlooking the Dubai Marina. The food menu is inspired by celebrity chef Gary Rhodes’ travels.


Dhow dinner cruise is a complete package of an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the romantic moment and magnificent view of the luminous city as the traditional boat dwells further into the sea. Onboard you’ll find a lavishly spread out buffet for you to choose anything you want and an entertaining cultural dance performance. The 2 hour long dining experience on this boat will give you some lifelong memories.


The most exciting dinner cruise you could ever have in Dubai is here at the Dubai Creek. You get to devour some delicious cuisines while sailing on the calm waters of Dubai Creek. The experience is simply unforgettable. From the food to the incredible views of the lit sky high buildings and their reflection on the water.

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Located at the Ritz Carlton Jumeirah Hotel, Amaseena is an Arabic restaurant with authentic and delicious Arabic cuisines. Enjoy your meal under the beautiful star filled sky with tunes of live Arabic music. It is the perfect restaurant to have you experiencing the true Dubai experience

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